Lobster Ravioli

Chef Eric Pitts

Lobster Ravioli by Chef Eric Pitts

Lobster Ravioli by Chef Eric Pitts! Chef Eric Pitts is making handmade pasta every night here at Rabun Manor. His famous lobster ravioli is such a hit people are lining up the reservations and requesting the ravioli in advance. He has made such an excellent dish that it has been the talk around the county. This is something that you do NOT want to miss! Bring your special someone and try it out this weekend.

Chef Eric hand makes everything right down to the pasta. When you put time and passion into your food there is no way to go wrong. Chef Eric spends coutless hours in the kitchen preparing his dishes with love. Lobster Ravioli has become the best selling dish here at the restaurant. Although the Lobster Ravioli seems to be the bestseller, there is no shortage of wonderful items on his menu.

You can find Chef Eric’s full menu under our resturant tab.

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Come try this amazing Lobster Ravioli and tell us what you think in our comments section!

Lobster Ravioli by Chef Eric Pitts