Couples Getaway


Reconnect at Rabun Manor!

Rabun Manor offers romantic weekend packages tailored to suit your needs. We can have flowers, chocolates and champagne waiting for you upon your arrival. Enjoy a candle light dinner on the balcony and breakfast in bed.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen! Contact us to discuss what options are most compatible for your romantic get away!

*Please allow 48 hours notice before your arrival to accommodate special requests.


All relationships require time and commitment but none like that of a marriage.  So often, the person with whom we have committed to spend our entire lives feels overlooked and pushed aside by the business of everyday life.  Whether it is raising children, working the 9 to 5 and then some, volunteering on the soccer or lacrosse field, teaching Sunday school, or Girl Scouts all of these activities usually come before nurturing the marriage relationship.  Life can become nothing more than meeting deadlines, commitments and stress, leaving the marital relationship tattered and torn.  Nurturing your relationship is golden to strengthening the family unit.  A week end at Rabun Manor can provide the nurturing environment needed.  The privacy of our rooms and grounds allows you to share affection and shower each other with attention.  The variety of activities in the area allows you to spend quality time together doing things you enjoy. A child asked his grandfather, “Do old people still kiss?” His grandfather replied in the affirmative, and said he might even demonstrate that it was so. Certainly, Grandpa and Grandma were often seen holding hands.

Many people have said, “I want to find someone and grow old together.” In order to do that, we have to learn how to make a relationship last. It has to be a relationship that will see us through thick and thin–good times and bad times. That lasting relationship does not happen by accident. It will grow, and for anything to grow it has to be nurtured.

It is important to nurture our love through the years because any relationship needs attention. If we do not work on constantly meeting each other’s needs, we are likely to drift into a situation where the marriage loses its “sparkle”!

Love has to be nurtured in order to grow.”


A weekend at Rabun Manor is ideal for giving your relationship and mate the attention that is needed to nurture and grow your love.  Nurture your love surrounded by the beauty of Rabun Manor.