Policy and Procedures

Rabun Manor policy and procedures

Thank you for choosing Rabun Manor.


Once you make a reservation, half of the cost will be charged upon booking. The first charge is to secure your room and acts as a deposit. If you cancel your reservation within 3 days of the check-in, you will be refunded your deposit amount.

The only amount that WILL NOT be refunded are the credit card surcharges which are set by the company of the card that you use.

If you would like a print out or email of the payment or the refund Rabun Manor is happy to provide that information.


You must cancel an event 45 days in advance. If you cancel before the 45 days you will receive your deposit back. If you cancel after the 45 day mark you will receive no refund.

Please note:

When using an online booking site and not booking directly with Rabun Manor there may be other charges. Please read the policies and procedures for each site to determine any extra charges or policies.

If you are unsure of any sites procedures, we urge you to call Rabun Manor directly and we will be glad to assist you.


Rabun Manor policy and procedures

Thanks for staying here at the beautiful historic Rabun Manor.

Check out our Restaurant: https://rmresort.com/wpm/dinner-menu/

Check out our Venue: https://rmresort.com/wpm/about-us/weddings-at-rabun-manor-northeast-georgia-mountains/

Rabun Manor policy and procedures

We appreciate you doing business with us and each customer is very important to us. If there are any special requests or needs we would be glad to assist you in any way possible.

We have handicap accessibility as well as special menu items that are made due to specific dietary restrictions or needs. Please let us know upon arrival if there are any special needs. Thank you again for staying here at Rabun Manor.

Rabun Manor policy and procedures

Rabun Manor policy and procedures